The Mary Celeste

A Collaborative Sculpture Installation with Winston Secrest

Oh Captain, my Captain…. Sailing alone on the Mary Celeste, he relishes the salt spray in his beard and the freedom of the sea.
He’s been alone a long time. Too long now to go back to the land and make a new life. He prefers the wild waves and the occasional sea bird.
His life is the sea and the sea is his life. When his time comes, he will brave it fiercely and with pride that he is exactly where he wants to be.
Originally The Mary Celeste was built in 5 days, 16 hours each day of build time. It's quite surreal walking into a gallery with a 30-foot boat in the middle of it and small doorways on every side. A private collector acquisitioned  the move of the boat to the 14th roof Penthouse Space in downtown Los Angeles where it will stay until it sails away in the skyscraper sky. 

Jena Priebe is an installation artist and Winston Secrest a woodworker and pyrographic artist.  This is the husband and wife team’s first installation together.
Priebe has shown at Burning Man, MASS MoCA and has many permanent installations in and around Los Angeles. This installation is her celebration of 10-years in artist residency at The Spring Arts Tower.
Secrest, who has shown extensively in Los Angeles focuses mainly on his pyrographic art works and custom woodwork and design. He is an avid surfer and has a deep connection to the ocean, which he translates into all of his artworks.
Both artists have core ideals about the preservation of our lands, seas & wildlife and choose to work with found objects and recycled materials in their artwork.