The Church Trap at Burning Man 2013

Jena worked as Lead Artist on the Burning Man 2013 project, The Church Trap. She uses her classic art design of still-action music sheets that flow from an 1880's pump organ. Rebekah Waites, who conceptualized the project chose Jena to use her signature art design to make the "Cheese in The Church Trap". 
Jena spent 10 months of her time working and coordinating on the project and welded over 1200 feet of steel to make the musical ribbons. Some of which extend out 45-60 feet in length. Countless hours were spent installing LED lights that were integrated into each ribbon's design. This installation is highly interactive. As the organ's keys are played the ribbons light up in a corresponding color. It reacts directly to your playing. Watch the movie below to see the build, interaction of the organ and the burn.